What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) came out of cranial osteopathy. The therapy utilizes creative ways to help embody mental and physical health. It is a light touch therapy, for healing at very profound levels.

Craniosacral healing creates wholeness and wellbeing that are the very roots of our existence. At the heart of our completeness is the CNS (central nervous system), without whose optimal functioning we would have stress and trauma overcome us. Sessions usually revolve around helping entire out-of-whack body systems reorient to the CNS.

This healing touch therapy creates the perfect response, within a client’s body, to re-establish forces of resolution and reorganization. With a whole body perspective, a skillful therapist places awareness at each body part and its relationship to other parts. At a cellular level the process of reorganization helps dissolve deep trauma – acute and chronic, in the body and mind.

Craniosacral therapy benefits people of all ages, with different ailments. It cannot work in isolation. Lifestyle changes are a prerequisite, if called for, to make change last at both the mind and body level. After all newer challenges await us even as we tend to let go what needs release.

At the heart of this therapy is the experiencing of magniificent and deep states of stillness and spaciousness, without which movement and potency would remain meaningless.

The Central Nervous System


Just like in osteopathy, BCST holds the central nervous system the source of balance and harmonizing influences on the entire body. We are interested in this natural fulcrum and exploring a presenting symptom that could emanate from postural and nervous deficiencies.

Whole Body Awareness


Affording a holistic approach to healing, presenting problems are understood within the backdrop of whole body awareness. The whole body is the holding field with its different parts in relationship to each other.

Just like the illness of a family member can impact the psychological wellbeing of the others, sick body parts send signals across the body to elicit support.

Change and Evolution

Change and Evolution

Cells in the body die and are re-born as a natural consequence of living. Tissue damage seeks regeneration. Bacterial and viral invasions are overcome by the body’s immune system. Therefore change is imminent in every moment, necessary for our evolution.

Changes also happen as a result of trauma, such as during birth, daily stress and the ageing process, causing suffering in the body and the mind. The goal of this therapy is to help the body integrate all such changes and perform at its optimum within the constraints given.

Neutral Listening

Neutral Listening

Via the medium of light touch a therapist creates a safe holding field, which is relational in nature. It’s indeed rare to receive this kind of neutral listening from another human, with implicit awareness of the universality of all suffering and its transcendance.

Yet, within a wide perceptual field, stories unique to the individual are held in deep reverence and allowed to unfold at their pace.

Healing Priority

Healing Priority

The therapist perceives the health that underlies your sickness. The upshot being your body is understood in the context of its original blueprint of health. With a clear perception of your body’s anatomy and physiology, the therapist can then be present to the priority that emerges for immediate healing.

Total Transformation

Total Transformation

Clients witness transformation at the body, mind and soul levels. Meeting the client’s embryonic (original) health in this honest, direct, and dynamic way helps to transmute even entrenched conditional forces.