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"Dipika is an extraordinarily talented healer and a western astrologer. I have benefited from both, her BCST sessions and her readings. I am fortunate to have met her and know her well for more than 2 years. She is a great healer and utilizes wonderful combinations of various skills which comes naturally to her. She goes out of her way to provide inspiration, motivation and healing to her clients. She is superbly focused and is very sincere in her approach for all her clients. I am grateful to her for helping me and inspiring me to be part of the Craniosacral work as a student and client both. She is highly intuitive, she is a great teacher as well. Her intention is extraordinarily positive and helpful. She is a pragmatic, methodical, enterprising and a cheerful person. You get to take a lot back from her after a session or a reading with her. She is a great leader and a through professional. She is on her way, she is destined to rise high in life. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the change she has brought in me, wishing her the very best in life."


"My experience of cranio sacral therapy with Dipika was just awesome; her silent presence was enough to relax me. At the table it was like I melted and she was able to tune in and pull out an impression which had been bothering me for months if not years. Trusting the therapist is quite important in the healing process and I would definitely recommend Dipika. I have enough reason to celebrate so - Thank you."


"I received several biodynamic craniosacral treatments from Dipika Belapurkar, and I found her therapy to be an unforgettable experience. Dipika's healing presence and her gentle, knowing touch create a profound sense of safety, trust and acceptance. She unerringly discerns locations of physical and psychic pain, and gently guides the client through the healing process, facilitating the mobilization of the client's own resources and abilities for healing.

Dipika is an outstanding therapist, combining professional excellence with compassion, wisdom, warmth and sensitivity. I warmly and whole-heartedly recommend her."


"Dipika treated me for craniosacral therapy and it was amazing. My full body got relaxed and I even felt each cell getting lively. My systems became calmer, specially my stomach. It was fantastic. I felt the tide and when the treatment finished I felt energetic. It was similiar to my body getting a shower inside. She was very good with her explanations and I understood where and why something was disturbing me. The treatments were great."


"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful craniosacral therapy sessions that I had with you. Not only were they deeply relaxing, the sessions improved the quality of my sleep dramatically. I now sleep longer and more deeply than before. In addition, I feel so rested when I wake up in the morning. That tired feeling has also disappeared. I really don't know how to thank you."


"My introduction to Dipika came about when a naturopath friend of mine suggested that I try CST as a relief to my maladies. Amongst the several practitioners in Mumbai she recommended Dipika to me. Being extremely skeptical about the therapy, I reluctantly went to her and had a discussion with her on what the therapy offers and its downside if any and advantages. I emerged energised even without a session.

I found her very patient, expressive and extremely knowledgeable on her subject. Apart from her manner of speech, her presence exudes a sense of warmth and compassion rarely seen amongst people.

I have had about 25 sessions with her over the last two years, which is a kind of record for me as it signifies the therapy has worked for me.

Another confirmation of the ability of this lady is that invariably during and post the session she instills a sense of calm and de-stresses my being to the extent that sometimes I fall asleep during the session, an act very difficult for me to achieve normally.

The benefits of her session say with me for a prolonged period. During the session she is extremely incisive and focused on her observations of even the minutest of shifts in the body's internal systems and continues to dialogue with me to understand and improve on the healing process.

A wonderful human being, lady and health seeker and purifier all in one individual.

Dipika the world needs more of you!"


"To be honest I did not know what to expect when Dipika suggested I try a few sessions of craniosacral therapy. The fact that it was non-intrusive and did not involve drugs and their side effects prompted me to give it a shot.

I am glad I did. A few sessions and I found myself responding to it in a positive way.

It was a form of interactive meditation where I would communicate with my body and my therapist (Dipika). I would emerge from each session feeling refreshed and relaxed. I don't know if it cured me of diabetes but the numbers did drop significantly.

More importantly it helped me clear the cobwebs of my mind and appreciate the gift of life.

Thank you Dipika for helping me see life in a more positive light. You are a beautiful soul."