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"The sessions with Dipika connected my physical sensations with my emotional sensations in a very powerful way. The possibility to sense fear physically and give the physical sensation an emotional expression was amazing for me.The sessions gave me confidence and hope and an understanding that I have the ability to help myself through letting go of self-judgment and perceiving who I am. Working with Dipika opened the way l want to towards relaxing, accepting and even loving myself."


"Understanding my own body has been one of my biggest challenges, whilst supporting it in healthy ways even more so. Cranio introduced me to ways of relieving my suffering. I dealt with my headaches and managed to reform outworn ways of dealing with stressful situations. I have enjoyed these cranio sessions with Dipika, whose open invitation to me to simply explore a new healing therapy was the initial reason. But, once my headaches ceased I began in earnest to take sessions just to maintain wellbeing."


"I found my cranio sessions to be very similar to vipassana meditation, which i have been practicing for many years. The difference being I was held by another person, the therapist, in a very nurturing way, totally supportive and understanding. I used to intellectually accept the psychosomatic cause of most pain. In these sessions I experienced for real the mind and body connection and how healing can happen with both getting involved. For around two years I had suffered from sciatic pain, resolving often and returning again and again. I was amazed at what emotions I had been carrying around as a load on my suffering leg. As I began revisiting some old forgotten memories and letting them go, my pain dwindled and one day it was gone. Just like that!"


"My life changed incredibly with her guidance. She has vast knowledge of her topics and immense patience. My thanks to her for finding myself amidst the chaos! GOD BLESS."