Pre and Post Operative Care

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The decision whether to undergo surgery is often influenced by fear of the results. This fear is very real and valid, for it arises from lack of knowledge of your body’s needs. However, the fear compromises your pyschological wellbeing as well. Cranio sessions before surgery will bring you to a place of equanimity and acceptance, in full readiness to bear the consequences of surgery.

Often lingering fear keeps us in negative spiraling thoughts and beliefs that can prevent quick healing. Surgery is an intense experience, physiologically and emotionally. New somatic sensations will be created from this experience. Cranio therapy will help you mobilise resources to deal with all this and more.

Craniosacral treatment is recommended for the following reasons. Cranio sessions soothe overloaded sympathetics – anxiety, depression, PTSD. They assist you in adapting to lifestyle changes that will be asked of you. Sessions over time are known to bring clarity to confusing life situations. The side effects from medication taken at the time of and post surgery are mitigated.

Any amount of preparation cannot totally eliminate stress coupled with change. The gentle and non-invasive aspects of this light touch therapy will support your need to relax and ease into this life changing event. Your caregivers are apt to get tense inspite of their best intentions. Cranial sessions will help them to stay embodied at a time when temporary dissociation can hamper their clarity of thought.