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Dipika Belapurkar

About Dipika Belapurkar

A major theme in her life right until this moment has been to integrate profound change and movement at all levels – emotional, mental and spiritual. Every relational experience has been for her an opportunity to be an inner witness, watching the ebb and flow of life as a reflection of her inner world.

She formed an early friendship with frequent relocation to different locales and school environments during childhood. Courtesy her services background she received additional perspective on the function of diversity in daily living. The benefits of which were immense once the initial apprehension had dissolved into admiration for endless possibilities and new beginnings. Without her obvious collusion she imbibed some important personality traits that have gone on to aid her dual roles of therapist and teacher.

She learnt various art forms, dance, painting and the piano, to explore deeper and richer expressions of her beingness and to appreciate the intricacies and joys of being wholly embodied. To live fully and in mindfulness, she believes that both the mind and the body are intermediaries for our wellbeing and should be engaged with equally.

As an empathy, counselling and healing have become for her the natural means of offering understanding and compassion for the suffering of others. Following sustained and continuing training in bodywork, she now adds to her former counseling practice a transformative somatic experience. Her long-standing commitment to meditation has been gainful in bringing much needed stillness to the lives of many beings.

With an unshakeable belief in Embodied Intelligence, she truly believes that every individual is self-recuperative and self-regulatory. A patient in her care is treated as a whole organism attuned to deeper underlying levels of homeostasis, rather than merely as a psychically or physically fragmented person. Arising from her innate trust in life’s unerring bounty and her faith in cosmic health, she surrenders her knowing to what presents itself in a session. She steps out of the way for higher guidance from the body, seeking its own priorities for health.

In her healing work her patients play a pivotal role in recognizing and maintaining their own intrinsic health: by accepting the body’s unfailing guidance and the mind’s collaborative attempts to keep them safe. And as their therapist she supports in every which way their discovery of the complete person that they are meant to be.

Being heart-cantered and intuitive she trusts in life willingly, enough to believe that every moment is perfect and every individual its perfect reflection. We all are meant to be healthy and creative embodiments of the source.

At the Lower Parel clinic she practices Craniosacral therapy for clients in need of healing of their physical and emotional ailments. For others who prefer a cognitive approach to self understanding, she offers counselling via. techniques of CBT and REBT. You also have a choice of hypnotherapy, tarot and astro-counselling. At the Nagaon clinic, near Alibag, in a restorative setting you can similarly avail of all the above.


Dipika is a mentor to people from all walks of life, whether therapists or students of therapy or those looking to fully blossom into their unique potential. She provides a dynamic and vibrant space for others to unfold into their best possible selves through a deep enquiry into themselves.

She brings to this mentor role her own varied experience as a writer, counselor, teacher, and practitioner; imparting all that she personally has gathered as wisdom on her own journey towards self-awareness.

If you are keen to grow with her, to gain greater understanding of a therapist’s unique role in transforming humanity, do connect with her.